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Philips 470A

Philips bakelite tube raio, type 470 A from 1938-39, in very good condition!

Price: 85 euro

Radiola M21

Radiola 3-tube receiver, type M 21, from 1924 in good condition!

Price: 275 euro

Sony TC 252 tape-recorder

Sony TC 252 in rare wood case. The recorder is in great working condition!

Price: 100 euro

Tandberg TP 41 radio

Tandberg TP 41 transistor radio in very good condition! Some small scratches on the side of the cabinett (see picture). The unit works well on all bands, antenna complete and in good condition. The battery compartment is clean.

Will ship worldwide, contact me for more information about shipping fees to your country!


Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Nixie tubes IV-22

Nixie tubes, IV-22

Price: 7 euro/tube


Vefar 2BD/39, Latvian radio made in 1938-39, battery operated model with two tubes.


Luxor record player

Luxor stereo record player, type HF 102, in good, working condition!


Protona Minifon P55

Protona Minifon mini wire-recorder, P55, S-type, in very good condotion. Operated with batterys. Amplified with micro tubes!


Tandberg 84 tape-recorder

Tandberg tube tape-recorder, model 84, in excellent working condition!


Tandberg Huldra 9

Tandberg Huldra 9 receiver with tubes and transistors from the late 60's. The unit is in jakaranda and in very good condition!

Price: 175 euro

Swedish Armed Force tape-recorder

Tape-recorder, made by the Swedish Armed Force, type "bandspelare 5 M 3886-005010". Probably made in the 50's as some kind of log-recorder. Two speeds, 4,75 and 9,5 cm/sec. Manual crank rewind! Function not tested. The unit is in excellent condition!

Size: ca 32 x 20 x 14 cm


Regency M 100 scanner

Regency M 100 scanner in very good condition! With manual in Swedish.

Price: 25 euro

Smith Scaniavox C541

Smith/Scaniavox local receiver in white bakelite. Unit in very good condition!

Price: 65 euro

Volksempfänger VE301 Dyn

German Volksempfänger VE 301 Dyn fron Strassfurter Rundfunk, in very good condition! Not working, mains socket missing. Cabinet in very good condition, no cracks, only a few small scratches. Two of the tubes original VE301-tubes


Philips B2X63U Philetta

Philips B2X63U "Philettta" in original white colour. Good condition, working with some distorsion on FM.


Philips N4415 tape-recorder

Philips Stereo tape-recorder, type N4415, in very good, working condition!



SABA bakelite tube radio, type 31 WL, in good original condition! All filaments in tubes are OK.


B&O Bandmaster 610K

B&O Bandmaster 610 in very good, working condition!


Philips AG 2100 "Mignon"

Philips record player, "Mignon" (AG2100), for 45 rpm records. The unit is in very good, working condition!


TEN AR-66 car radio

TEN car radio, made in Japan in very good condition. With original speaker, for 6 or 12 volt DC.

Price: 75 euro

Philips 940 A

Philips bakelite radio, type 940 A, in very good original condition!


Philips L6X38T

Philips transistor radio L6X38T. The unit needs to be renovated for function.


LM Ericsson crystal receiver

LM Ericsson crystal receiver with original crystal, in very good condition!


Südfunk transistor radio

Sudfunk transistor radio, in very good working condition!

Price: 75 euro

Wilco Pepito record player

Wilco "Pepito" record player, made in Italy in the late 60's. In Excellent, working condition!


Kennex multiband radio NR 19F2

Kennex transistor radio, type NR 19F2, with, FM, AM, SW, MB, AIR, PSB. The radio is in very good, working condition!

Price: 45 euro

Brownie crystal radio

Brownie Crystal Receiver model No. 2 from the early 1920's! The receiver is in very good condition, botton-lid is missing.


Luxor radio "Duett"

Luxor radio (LW/MW) BT 365 "Duett" in very good, vorking condition!


Philips TX1410U TV set

Early Philips TV-set, type TX 1410 U, from 1952 in great condition! The unit is complete and unrestored. The set is carefully tested with variac:
Tubes glows
Horisontal line indicates that the picture tube is in good condition

Made for the Swedish market with glas plates behind the knobs with instructions.


Zenith 8G005YT

Zenith 8G005YT in very good, working condition! The unit is renovated, complete antenna with SW-accessories. Runs on AC 110 volt.


Radiola 303 V

Radiola SRA 4 tube radio from 1930 in very good condition!


Luxor MP 22 tape-recorder

Luxors first tape-recorder, MP 22 "Tamburin", in great condition! Needs service for fully functionality


Philips AG 2140 record player

Philips AG 2140 record player in very good condition!


Dux 1418 record player

Automatic DUX 1418 record player from the mid 70's.

For sale: 50 euro

Tandberg TCD 310 MKII

Tandberg TCD 310 MK2 in very good, working condition!


Telefunken Opus 7

Telefunken Opus 7 in very good condition!


Samex Bella Musica radiogram

Small radiogram, type "Bella Musica 1015" made Danish company "Samex" (prev. Eltra). The unit is in very good, working condition! One very small damage in the wood in the front below the dial (left). Amplifier and radio with tubes.

Monarch record player with 4 speeds (16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM)

FM radio: 88 - 104 Mhz


Baltic K33H

Baltic K33H from 1928-29 in good condition. The radio misses the magnetic system to the speaker, but the cone is intact! Early set with built-in speaker for AC current (110 - 240 volt).


Grundig Stenorette B

Grundig Stenorette B tape-recorder in good condition! Unit not tested.


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Tandberg model 3B

Tandberg model 3B in excellent condition! This is the model with three speeds!

Price: 100 euro

Philips GM 2877 signal generator


Dux transistor radio


HMV record player

HMV record player in very good condition!

Price: 40 euro

Telefunkon A crystal set

Telefunken early crystal set, type "Telefunkon A" in good condtition.


Hallicrafters SX-28

Hallicrafters SX-28 Super Skyrider in good condition. The unit seems to be in working order.


Ferguson 3483 receiver

Ferguson 3483 stereo receiver in very good, working condition!

For sale: 65 euro

Philips 423 record player

Portable Philips record player, type 423. The unit is in very good, working condition!

Power: Battery or mains 110 - 220 volt AC

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm


NTI signal generator

NTI 412 Signal generator in very good, working condition. Cover FM, LW, MW and SW. Extern and Int. modulation + 300 HZ LF output.


Tandberg HiFi 112-7 speakers

Tandberg loudspeakers in very good, working condition!


Grundig TK46

Grundig TK 46 stereo tape recorder with amplifier and built-in speakers. Very good, working condition!

Price: 120 euro

Philips BX998A

Philips BX998A. Some scratches on the cabinett, but overall in good condition


Centrum JW5

Centrum JW 5 from mid 1930's with aeroplane dial and octal tubes. In original condition, not restored.

Price: 95 euro

Lenco B52R

Lenco B52R record player with B&O pick-up in vey good, working condition!


Stella transistor radio

Stella transistor radio with leather case in very good, working condition!


Tandberg Huldra 7

Tandberg Huldra 7 receiver in excellent working condition!


Philips 423 record player

Red portable Philips 22GF423 record player in great, working condition!

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm


Philips 930 A

Philips 930 A from early 1930's. Classic radio design! Good condition, misses back lid. Not tested.


Philips H4S33A

Philips radiogram, H4S33A from the early 1960's, in very good, vorking condition!


Grundig Yacht Boy 202

Grundig Yacht Boy 202 transistor radio in very good condition!

Price: 55 euro

Körting 830W Dynamic

Körting 830 W "Dynamic" with a special sound expander system called "Dynamic". Stereo output, two magic eyes! The radio is not restored.

Price: 95 euro


AGA Baltic AH 34 from the early 1930's. Missing speaker system.


Stern & Stern W 32

Stern & Stern W32 from the early 1930's in great condition! This is a AC set for 110 - 240 volt.

Price: 200 euro

Zenith 8A128A export model

Scarce Zenith export model, type 8A128A, chassis 5802A. The chassis is in very good condition, most seem to be in original condition. The cabinett needs a bit work on the varnish. Back lid ( for the Swedish market) is still there, the set was given type number 78 when it was sold in Sweden.

The radio is located in Sweden, shipping world wide. Contact me for shipping rates to your country.


Philips 2514

Philips tube radio, type 2514, from the late 1920's. The radio is in good original condition. The unit is not tested.


SABA Meersburg 8

SABA Meersburg Automatic 8 in very good, working condition! The radio has buttons with light, automatic tuning control etc!


Standard 35 radio

Standard 35 tube radio from the mid 30's in good original condition!